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A number of men and women who volunteered for Spain, or were involved in efforts on behalf of the Spanish Republic, have been interviewed about their experiences. The two main collections are held in the Imperial War Museum in London and the Tameside Local Studies Centre in Ashton-under-Lyne. Most of the interviews were conducted during or shortly after the International Brigade Association’s conference in 1976, held in Loughborough, though The IWM’s collection has gradually been added to over the years. Many of the latter collection can now be accessed online.

There are also a number of published interviews and collections, though sadly not all are still in print:

Max Arthur. The Real Band of Brothers. Collins, 2009 (republished in 2010 as Fighters Against Fascism).

Dave Corkhill and Stuart Rawnsley. The Road to Spain. Borderline, 1981.

Peter Darman. Heroic Voices of the Spanish Civil War. New Holland, 2009.

Ian MacDougall. Voices from the Spanish Civil War. Polygon, 1986.