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The new RGASPI website

RGASPI have recently updated their website, so this new post explains how to access the records of the British and Irish volunteers (the old blogpost can still be found here). As before, though the documents themselves are in the languages of the various national groups (English, Spanish, French, German etc.), the website itself is in Cyrillic. Unless you read Russian, I’d recommend accessing the site using Google Chrome, which can automatically translate webpages. The main page for accessing the six sections of the RGASPI files can be found here.

N.B. For those of you returning to this blogpost, I have made each image an active link, so you can go directly to the respective page.

The main RGASPI homepage, Russian view
The main RGASPI homepage, English view

As you can see there are six ‘children’ (main sub-sections of the site), accessed by clicking on the link ‘go to the next level’, which will take you to the next page.

The individual files of volunteers are held in Inventory 6. Lists, personal files of soldiers and commanders of inter-brigades. Follow the link, then click on ‘Go to the next level’ on the following page and you will be presented with the first page of cases (there are 1618 in total).

The first of page of the 1618 files in RGASPI fond 6

The files are divided up by nationality, then alphabetically. The first of ‘English’ files is number 100 (Aa-Ai) and the last is 218 (Y-Z).

Other national groups in the Fifteenth International Brigade include: Australians & New Zealanders beginning from file 67, Irish from 439, Canadians from 534 and Americans from 845 (though the first personnel file, Aa-Ai, is not until 855).

If you want to explore further, the archivists in the Tamiment Library in New York have put together an extremely useful guide to all the RGASPI files, which can be found here.

I hope you find this guide useful. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, criticisms etc.


Raymond Hoff

Very helpful, Richard.

And we suggest that people keep track of pages that they post with the convention Fond 545/Opis 6/Delo 100/pg 33 or 545/6/100/33 and change the Opis and Delo and Page numbers to suit.

Raymond Hoff

Sorry, for the novice, the page number is written on the image on the upper right corner in pencil. These page numbers were added in Spain. The images are no longer in numerical order of these page numbers due to a programming error by the Russian Federal Archival Agency.

Alex Vernon

It appears that there is no online access to the actual photographs included in Inventory 5?

I’d love to see some of these! The one of Hans, Kleber, Walter and Lister, for example. RGASPI. F. 545. Op. 5. D. 94.


Many thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the link.

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